As much as I would like to love it sometimes fires back to me the hard way... today I just tried to update my Shortwave app from AUR and it stopped short... even though the repo mentions Rust 1.48+ and I’ve had 1.50 from the Manjaro repos some of its dependencies no longer compiles successfully... upgrading to 1.51 (released just 2 weeks ago) solved the build issues... beside that the release build took AGES... (for a small tool such as this one)... actually it was more than 20 mins... 1/2

Anyone an idea why some GTK+ apps are not adapting according to the GTK_CSD=0 on my system? See screenshot: Cawbird (left) behaves correctly, Tootle (right) does not (still shows the close button)...

Proud to share the first screenshot of the upcoming 21.02 release of the profile of @ManjaroARM... btw: we have automated image builds now 🥰 (

Using the as my dev device let me look into some low-level programming languages again. Also got some refreshing insights into recent C standards and the correlation to the UNIX/POSIX system. BTW: can highly recommend both books!

The new 20.08 release of is out and I’m glad to see the edition being offered across the board of supported ARM devices by the core team now…

Today starts with fighting my fear of spiders as this little big boy is sitting next to my doorway...

I was able to introduce initial theme support to my profile - starting with two themes out of the box: matcha-green and matcha-blue... New OS images are being created for , and and should be on the OSDN later today:

Created and uploaded a fresh rc-build of the image for the and . This time introducing separate modes for taking screenshot / recording the screen. Also a helpful overlay for starters is part of it now.

On a side note: got DRM protected content working on the by using a systemd container based on Debian armhf, Chromium and Widevine… finally able to watch my fav Netflix series again. More infos here:

Got more space for more experiments… finally found the time to put an Intel p660 M2 SSD with 512GB into my . Now running some setup steps to make it my boot device (

Well… that was perceived far better and wider than I’ve expected and I’m proud to say that the profile is part of the original @ManjaroARM repositories now, incl. all the additional packages and branding. Thank you all! here’s a little teaser

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Happy to announce that the first release of my custom image for the based on @ManjaroARM is ready to be released. Look for an upcoming blog post about it here:

First time for exercising this year. Already quite late thanks to COVID-19... it was a real pleasure and a very welcomed breakout from the current lockdown situation.

Wohooo…something for my brain arrived today 😎. Looks like my next evenings and weekends are occupied now…

Integrated and it’s addon into my based installation. Very nice login manager for Wayland. As such the basic setup is complete and I will focus on some configuration details from now on...

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