So what has come to my mind recently is this:
#Rust has a lot of new concepts that are not found in other mainstream languages. On the one hand, it is great, because these concepts are really great and make a lot of sense.
But there is also another aspect to it - which is #curiosity.

These new concepts make you curious! You want to learn more and more about it until you reach #flow state and eventually mastery.

So Rust is actually laid out to be mastered, not just known, which makes everything better.


@janriemer the point it clicked in me was after looking some of the live coding videos online to see how other (more experienced) devs are acting on the compiler messages, and how to make best use of available traits as well as commonly used crates.

@appelgriebsch Ah, interesting to hear your experience - I can highly relate. Learning from others really helps a lot.🙂

For me it is also reading Q&A's on

When you really immerse yourself in the language a web forms in your mind, which gets tighter and more fine-grained, so things start to hit this web more often, which result in more and more "aha" moments.

Just beautiful!✨

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