Yesterday I did some test-run with on my and was immediately sold. So for the rest of the day I was creating a profile for the @ManjaroARM installer... Feel free to give it a try and give me feedback as needed.

@regolith hey, just added a comment to the GH issue. Still playing with the config options myself, but these repos can eventually be used as reference.

@appelgriebsch : thanks. We will wait for sway to become a bit more mainstream. Any experiment is welcome :-)


@regolith on a short notice... the ManjaroARM Sway profile supports theming right now. Worked on some templating mechanism that uses sway variable definitions and some sed scripts... have a look here if that sounds interesting to you:

@regolith ...the main color map is in /etc/sway/themes/<theme>/sway. Next step would be to generate the terminal configuration out of this. Eventually the plan is to have just one file describing the color map and some variables such as background-color, accent-color, text-color... and the rest is generated from template files with text replacements...

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