After a week with spare-time hands-on to my new (and some distro hopping), I‘ve finally settled on and desktop... and I really love it! <3 @PINE64

@appelgriebsch What's it like using Linux on ARM? How do you go with software compatibility?

@freedcreative that’s another reason I went with Manjaro (Arch) Linux. Main issues right now are missing Widevine for aarch64 (so no DRM Media in Firefox such as Netflix or Spotify) and lack of OpenGL 3.x primitives in the current graphic stack (some desktop effects and Blender are impacted by this). Sublime would be nice to have, but VSCodium works pretty well...

@freedcreative as usual it depends on what you want to do with it. It’s not my main computer (though I would love to see some higher spec’ed ARM64 devices), but as a ‚mobile on the road‘ it’s pretty decent!

@freedcreative looking at it rather as a replacement for a Android/iOS tablet in case you want to have more software freedom / choice, and a better typing / coding experience

@appelgriebsch Replacing really light devices with this sounds amazing. I'm using a Surface Go with Manjaro right now because it's ultra light, but if there was a Pinebook this light I would replace it in a heartbeat.

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