After using the browser for 2 days on my I have to admit it is way better and more stable than … so I’m finally ready to switch…

Thunder is a great VSCode extension. I know there is a cool HTTP tool for the IntelliJ series of editors, but this is great, too.

Posting this from my @PINE64 ! :ac_happy: 💻 :pine64:

First off: this came 3 days early. Dang, DHL!

This machine really does have an amazing build quality for the price.

I'd expected to have paid $400 USD at a DISCOUNT to have a laptop with this nice of a chassis.

KDE runs wonderfully.

The screen is crisp, clear and bright.

Connected to my Wifi instantly.

It even came fully charged. Dunno if that's intended but it's nice.

If you have ANY interest in an ARM-based lappy GET IT

The last 3 days I was fighting with fixed point arithmetic and set calculations for the ongoing project on … still not satisfied with the result in the emulator, but learned sooo much… references: and

@appelgriebsch Yes, totally agree with you, Andreas.
For bridging sync and async, see Alice's blog❤️:

I haven't used #async much in #Rust yet, but it can also be a burden, when some lib has choosen a runtime like `async-std`, but you use another one like `tokio`.
I think(!) they provide compat libs, which can bridge between async runtimes, but not sure.
Recently, a "User Story" in the async foundations group has been merged that talks about this:

@appelgriebsch Hm... #Async IO always needs a runtime and because #Rust is a systems language, they don't want to ship this whole runtime to users if they don't need it.

Also, they rather let the community come up with the best possible design of an async runtime and pick the low-level parts that make sense to include in a std lib (like futures).

Other #GC languages for example don't need to care so much, they just ship the async runtime with the language.

But, yes, this leads to a bit of a churn.

Just hit my curiosity… has anyone some background why async i/o is not the standard way in modern environments such as , but rather an afterthought? Yes, there is .rs and it has most of it, but shouldn’t this be the default?

Not sure what I should think about all the Big Tech companies joining “forces” in the foundation…. Any thoughts?!

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