Getting familiar with VimWiki and I really like the usability of it. Will see if this is going to replace Joplin for me.

Official HP:

Good intro:

After a week with spare-time hands-on to my new (and some distro hopping), I‘ve finally settled on and desktop... and I really love it! <3 @PINE64

Calling all teachers! LibreOffice is a great choice for schools and education – it's free and open source, compatible with Microsoft Office, and you don't have to worry about license fees, subscriptions or software audits. Learn more:

Look what found it's way to my home office yesterday. Many thanks to @PINE64 for this awesome device!

Using a minimal keyboard-base web browser doesn't mean that you can't have the features that you like.
I like dark themes with softer contrast in dimmer workspaces (less energy consumption, reduce eye strain, more readability with syntax highlighting)
You can set surf to use custom styles:

Or you can use stylus addon for many web browsers:

Find CSS codes for popular websites in:

I really love @fosstodon! What a nice place to share and learn about FOSS projects and related geeky topics.

Really enjoy the experience with after a year with . Everything seems to be more snappier and lighter on this aged device. Only thing I didn’t get to work though is the global application menu in the top panel...

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This is our celebration of gaming on Linux.

Listen loudly.
Watch it proudly.
Share it widely.

Desktop Linux has severe awareness and reputation issues. Changing that is our mission.

Very cool!

DuckDuckGo just shared a data set of 5,326 domains used by 1,727 companies that track your behavior online.

The data is publicly available and automatically generated and maintained through continuous crawling and analysis.

So crazy... this 2008 with on it boots in less than 30 secs from grub screen and is WAY faster than both of my 2yrs old Windows 10 and macOS 10.15 machines... well done !

I found that the default driver for BCM43224 in is too slow.
- Install broadcom-sta-dkms to Install CS driver
- Unload conflicting modules:
modprobe -r b44 b43 b43legacy ssb brcmsmac bcma
modprobe wl

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