Today starts with fighting my fear of spiders as this little big boy is sitting next to my doorway...

In some alternate timeline, the dominant desktop PC operating system is Digital Research Gem2019, whose main competitors are GNU/Hurd and Apple Taligent.

I was able to introduce initial theme support to my profile - starting with two themes out of the box: matcha-green and matcha-blue... New OS images are being created for , and and should be on the OSDN later today:

Created and uploaded a fresh rc-build of the image for the and . This time introducing separate modes for taking screenshot / recording the screen. Also a helpful overlay for starters is part of it now.

We really appreciate the positive feedback @j_palka , thanks!
RT @j_palka
@RegolithL desktop is the best what happened to humanity since invention of cherry vodka, it's beautiful, lightweight, tiling windows with brilliant and discoverable key bindings and still hackable ,

Uff that was taking a little longer than expected, but I hope the result was worth the wait - equally valid for both the profile of @ManjaroARM as well as my blog post about it here:

Big shoutout for Multi-Account Containers. Been playing with the add-on for a few days and I really like it. I can segregate sites from each other as I please, and have also got two tabs open side-by-side from different accounts on the same site. Easily configurable to suit your own use cases 😀

On a side note: got DRM protected content working on the by using a systemd container based on Debian armhf, Chromium and Widevine… finally able to watch my fav Netflix series again. More infos here:

I hope next @PINE64 project will be tablet/book reader/or even phone with eInk display.

Really want to replace kindle with something FOSSome.

Got more space for more experiments… finally found the time to put an Intel p660 M2 SSD with 512GB into my . Now running some setup steps to make it my boot device (

I use Firefox because it prevents a monopoly of the web

Scratch an Itch: Make Apps for Linux 

The most FOSS projects start because someone, somewhere, sees a problem (the itch) and they start programming their way to a solution (the scratch). So if you ever had an idea for an application you personally need you may find others have a similar desire and you should scratch that itch and start to make a Linux app.

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