How do you feel about running powershell on linux?

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We did it! Thanks to everyone's contributions, we achieved our fundraising goal of $70k! Well, we do have five more days of the fundraiser, and every dollar helps us advocate for #SoftwareFreedom, so let's continue to push forward until July 18 for #UserFreedom

i wish that the epsilon text editor was open source. it's like emacs, but the extension language is a c dialect rather than lisp. i know this makes me uncool to some, but functional programming is not really my cup of tea.

i want to start an all latino 80's metallica cover band and call it tamaleca.

i'd be lying if i said i've never considered relocating to canada, but "death to america"? no, i'm afraid i cannot support that sentiment. there are some things about this country that i dislike very much -- guns, republicans, etc -- but i would rather the country rid itself of these things than we rid ourselves of this country.

i love that the korg prophecy is available as a soft synth. i wish later incarnations of their physical modeling were as well.

i pulled the trigger on a new synth. i saw new but it's actually quite old, from 1997 to be exact: a kawai k5000. digital additive synthesis. drool.

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**New video:** Watch the FSF's new video *Escape to Freedom* and see how our protagonist Zara finds freedom in her digital life. #UserFreedom #EscapetoFreedom

i just overheard someone say she has a particular movie on vhs. i'm not kidding.

i give up. i just cannot get craiyon to draw thomas the train running into a cow.

There is a bug in both my local and federated feeds where all images show up as broken links when I click on them. Anyone else experiencing this?


the highest level of the united states' judicial branch is a kangaroo court. how lovely.

Remember, kids, if you want to be a computer hacker, you've got to do it right. Hoodie? Check. Face mask? Check. Sunglasses? Optional. Gloves? Check. Laptop? Yes, now you're all set.

Richard Stallman driving the moneylenders away from the Temple of Jerusalem.

They say Kim Kardashian can trace her family tree to the Venus of Willendorf. I don't know what they're talking about.

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