Let's see if there's any interest in a series of puzzles/problems from !

For the first one, a neat little position (if you need an introduction or refresher to Havannah's rules: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Havannah)

Black to play and force a win 😀

Loving @mastonaut so far, but... is it really necessary to have this prompt every time the app is started up, in the case where the user only has one account?

This starting position is just one transposition away from having such a pleasing symmetry.

The crazy things you see when you expose port 80/443 to the public internet.

ExploreBaduk's daily stream schedule is maybe the best thing happening in English-language Go right now, and today's training match with Sinan Djepov appears to be no exception: twitch.tv/explorebaduk

There's a Go board in the header image for Google Code Jam 2019... 😐🤔

(Speaking of which, there's only a few days left to register. Any other Mastodonians participating?)

Paying a visit to the Honolulu Go Club! ⚫️ ⚪️ 🏝 ⚫️ ⚪️

What a cool little UX flourish; Sequel Pro realized they have a very forgettable name but a very memorable icon, so their Spotlight comment includes "pancakes with syrup":

Just added support for 2FA OTPs in rofi-1pass 🎉🥳

And with that, I'm calling it a v1.0 release: github.com/apetresc/rofi-1pass

Matthew Seymour has published what I think is the first book on Hex since Cameron Browne's "Hex Strategy" back in 2000 – and it's absolutely fantastic: mseymour.ca/hex_book/hexstrat.

The interactive diagrams are perfect. Highly recommended if you have an even cursory interest in Hex - starts with the rules and ends with 2000-ELO level analysis.

A second loss to end the day. Ambitions appropriately downgraded from “win my division” to “maintain a winning record” 😢

A win and a loss in rounds 2 and 3 respectively. 2-1 now, the dream is still alive.

Victory in the first round of the in this beautiful venue in Montreal 😃 Last game in the hall to finish.

Just pushed release v0.9.2 of my HexGui fork, adding support for board sizes up to 50x50 for all the masochists out there. AUR package also updated.


Has anyone ever seriously tried anything larger than 19x19?


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