@apetresc It actually has a keyboard with "new material", but mostly the same design (4th gen butterfly):

This is a small update, I'm not expecting it to fix anything.

@nicd Yup - that private press conference happened after I made that toot, but I'm glad to hear it 😊 According to Gruber, he got a strong impression that they're confident it's fixed this time; they just didn't want to draw attention to the issue in the public press release.

@apetresc They've "fixed" it twice before so I'm not too confident. I'm just wishing my 2014 model lasts forever so I don't have to replace it… :D

@nicd Fair 😅 But certain aspects of this time - like the dramatic change to the repair program - give me confidence that _they_ are confident they've nailed it this time.

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