I finally have a usable dedicated device! Picked up a used OnePlus 6, which is timely considering @calebccff's awesome FOSDEM talk. Can't wait to play with this thing some more - great work to the @postmarketOS team :)

I recently upgraded my OP6 to a new device since my carrier dropped support for it. So I'm really looking to try out postmarketOS since I hear the OP6 has pretty solid support. Do you have any tips or recommendations?

@Charlie that sounds like the ideal situation!

The installation process was pretty straightforward; I just followed the steps on

I'm still playing around with it to get a sense of the different UIs and software available, but and on Matrix seem like great places to connect with other folks running similar setups.

@antonok one more question: on the PMOS wiki I can't see any reference to VoLTE. Do you happen to know if it will be supported in the OP6? USA carriers will require it by the end of June 2022 so we have our backs against the wall. Pinephone thankfully has working VoLTE for USA carriers in the (closed source) modem blob, confirmed working there. But what about the OP6?

@rik the chatroom says "probably not"... so, good place to start hacking 😛

@antonok ahh thanks. Good to know, I wasn't in the opl-main room, will join to follow up.

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