The price of running .

Had I known about AMD Ryzen 3000 series performance, then I wouldn't have had to.

For a person that loves to play video games, for is really a game changer.

Today marks the end of my summer holiday.

Kinda *sigh*

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Imagine doing this and then thinking you're the good guys.


Are we going to talk about the fact that official reports from the European Parliament are openly (and approvingly) talking about implementing their own version of the Great Firewall of China?


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Looking forward to starting holiday in 1 1/2 week.

@PINE64 just picked up a PinePhone UBPorts edition. I'm quite stoked!

I just received a note in my mailbox from Jehovah's witnesses. He foolishly left his email address. I already signed him up for a newsletter from The Church of the flying spaghetti monster. Any other suggestions?

Inadvertently, I took an blindingly cracking photo.

I quite enjoy the latest . 20.04 LTS shows good promise.

Putting those rubberbands underneath some of my keys on my keyboards have made for a more comfortable typing experience. I did all the keys that are not 1:1 size.

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iPhone 7 boots postmarketOS, becomes the first Apple Linux smartphone [update: Wayland and graphical environments work!]

So it's Saturday. I hope you all have a fantastic day!

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