I would wish Canonical could do better with snap. Compared to flatpak it is... Inferior. System re lots hanging because the daemon can't exit... Sigh.

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Do you remember when Facebook bought WhatsApp and they told us that WhatsApp won't be sharing any data with Facebook?

"WhatsApp Will Delete Your Account If You Don't Agree Sharing Data With Facebook"


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Okay Fediverse! 🤯

What do you NEED! ( or want )

For my new project (lovelibre.org) I want to contribute back to the libre software movement by hosting some services.

What kind of free hosted service would YOU find useful?

Tell me what you NEED! ( or want )

With Love,

🚀 Boosts Welcome!🚀

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Happy new year everyone! I hope that 2021 turns out to be a better year than the last one.

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Do people still talk about the Macs?

If so it's worth stating that Apple for years have sabotaged the performance of the Intel chips. Beginning from the slimming Macbook Pro Retina models thermal throttling, overheating etc.
That their M1 performs well, is only compared to butchered Intel chips.

In the end I wouldn't trust Apple. This behaviour and bypassing firewall and VPN settings is just plain evil. But most people won't care and they get away with it - again.

I might have ordered the Everest core keyboard. I'm thinking of kitting it with glorious pandas. Any thoughts?

Normally I use MX brown switches.

All of talks about "Privacy first" feels kind of hollow now. Apparently some apps in the latest version bypasses users choice in regards of firewall and VPN. I wonder when iOS gets the treatment of .

At least that leaves as a more simple choice for people valuing their privacy.


Pardon me, but all the noise about the new Apple M1 chip and it's performance is quite unbelievable. I found a Geekbench test where the A14X chip is pitted against an i9 Macbook and the Apple chip beats it. Apparently it even beats my AMD 3700X in single thread performance (as if). I find it hard to believe that Intel is doing such a bad job, that Apple can overtake them with an ARM based chip in performance.


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