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"In a recent update, the Raspberry Pi Foundation installed a Microsoft apt repository on all machines running Raspberry Pi OS (previously known as Raspbian) without the administrator’s knowledge."

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Anybody else love technology, coding, creating new systems and technology but simultaneously terrified by where things are headed? I have literally created automated systems at my job that ended up eliminating the need for human intervention. I'm a part of the problem. Fortunately the way my company has eliminated people is by simply not replacing the people who have retired. So I haven't directly caused someone to lose their job, just cost others the opportunity of having a job.

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SimplyNews is online.
Supported sites at the time of writing this:
- The Guardian
- New York Post
- ItsFoss
- TheVerge
- DecentralizeToday
Read articles without javascript or any distractions, text-browser compatible.

Source Code:
Part of

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browser extension idea: prevents opening new tabs/links from articles. instead it just dumps them directly in to the "read later" list.
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I fucking hate my neighbours, playing loud music all day.

Thanks free software for this bluetooth and wifi deauther,

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Google are worried about decentralisation because it's something they can't control or profit from. Their reasoning for banning Element applies equally to every web browser, chat app, and of course Gemini browsers too.

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Stop Using Cloudflare

1. It is a GIANT man in the middle - MITM.
2. Their DDOS protection is not that good.
3. You are contributing to a centralized Internet.

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Sed and awk are part of busybox binary applet. Make sure to have them pre-installed ^.^ Also, are you root yet? ^.^

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Here how you can get the uID's of all the apps on your phone;

for i in $(pm list packages | sed 's/package://g'); do
pm dump $i | grep userId | awk '{ print $1 }' | sed 's/userId=//g' | grep -v launch

It's possible to block internet access to apps based on their uID's {^_^}

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I had a birthday recently and what was interesting was that my family, unprompted, went to my website and got me books from want to read book list I keep there.

Lain Chan boosted is reaching out for donations to continue their free #seed programs. These programs benefit #indigenous families and individuals in the southwest region, as well as school and community programs. @plants

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come to think of it you could probably anonymize IPs with blake and have a random salt for each log rotation.

blake has a built-in form of HMAC and if you pulled the key from /dev/urandom for each batch you wouldn’t be able to re-correlate a list of IPs to the hashes but would still be able to track IP uniqueness within a single rotation period

Life is too short to be mad at/about something (:

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