web browsing and stuff seems pretty fine on a 8 gig raspberry pi :)

Hey Korey, I think editing '/etc/X11/Xsession' could do the trick. To make it search for files in your home directory and then making it executable. See line 12-20 in the screenshot and then add a .Xsession in your home directory and add the feh command in your /home/uset/.Xseesion and that'd do just fine ^_^

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have a weird legal theory about all these corpo spy devices like turning an employee's microphone on when they work from home.

even if you put in the computer user agreement that you can spy all day (which is legal) other people in the house didn't consent. so technically if i have a conversation with someone and its recorded by an employee laptop that is still wiretapping :blobcatpolice:

@icedquinn Oh.. feb 14!! forgot about that... oh well ^_^ Guess I'll be spending some quality time with my devices ^_^

Imagine writing a protocol where the secret header would be like;

-> Well hello there Mr.ISP! Trying to snoop into what's going on over here aye? Why don't you have a cup of coffee and rethink your life decisions?

When isp's try to sneak in, they get this message :ac_laughter: :ac_laughter:

*that's not how headers work tho*

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