If you're prone to frequent typos while working on your terminal, there's a python program called "thefuck" which could come to be handy ^_^ The gif below shows it in action.

Take a look: github.com/nvbn/thefuck

I think Beneath a Steel Sky requires a player with an insane amount of IQ to get through it. This game is brilliant and at the same time very tough! Currently I'm figuring out how to get the fingerprint to unlock the door to the wine cell.

If you're into puzzles and mind games, you'll find this game to be extremely fascinating.

I used to play Beneath A Steel Sky, back in 2014 on my ubuntu machine. I paid a visit to scummvm.org and found that scummvm had beneath a steel sky already ported on Android. How cool is that!! It's a strategy based game(rpg). Now playing it on my Android!

Just found this amazing gemini client for Android. The name of the app is "Ariane". Sadly isn't available on f-droid, only the play store. Nevertheless, downloaded it on my other phone, adb shelled to it and copied the app over. Looks pretty decent.


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