If you're prone to frequent typos while working on your terminal, there's a python program called "thefuck" which could come to be handy ^_^ The gif below shows it in action.

Take a look:

@anonymouskun I actually think this could make your typos worse, because you no longer need to actually type correctly, you have to rely on a tool to correct you.

@metalune Thought this could be useful! I don't use it though ^_^

@anonymouskun nooo, you can't just add "^_^" to every message and make it wholesome ;-;

@metalune But this could be super handy in a rushful situation or for a very long command, where time is limited ^_^

@anonymouskun trueee but if you're getting used to it you might actually ruin your typing accuracy ^_^

@metalune I think typing accuracy wouldn't matter under stressful situation. They could just literally type 'fuck' and get done with it. People tend to make more mistakes under stress.

@anonymouskun fair enough, the point I was trying to make was, IF you would use this very often you would probably end up getting worse at typing without mistakes because there is no need for it

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