Please can you review my code? 😍😍😍😍

That feeling...❤️

I do not even need to review...just close eyes and give that thumb up 👍

@gargron @rysiek If you don't want to support BigTech, then don't use "permissive" licenses. Use AGPL. The problem is: Most people don't understand Copyright and licences. So they find their way to which is curated by Microsoft Github. It prominently advertises the MIT licence with "I want it simple and permissive". This phrase sounds fair and good to most people. But permissive actually means "I permit BigTech to run their profit-driven thing with my code".

Welcome to new #tilvids creator Simon Caine - Every Toxic Thing Google Did in 2021 ☠️

(follow @simon.caine_channel for more comedic tech-takes!)

#Google #privacy #decentralized #opensource #PeerTube

One of my goals for this year is to get back to @linux contributions (years ago contributed to ), from both and perspective.

I stared a site. Feel free to provide or


At our company Tignum, we encourage a process that helps to get the best out of our time off. Here is a tiny exercise/framework before you take time for yourself.

UNLOAD: your backpack, reflect and meditate over what you have done.

RESET: relax your brain, recover yourself, forget.

REFOCUS: 3-4 things I will focus when I'm back.

IT-Adventskalender für Lehrkräfte

Tag 22: F-Droid

Neben dem PlayStore gibt es eine weitere, verlässliche Quelle für Android-Apps: den #fdroid Store

F-Droid beinhaltet quelloffene Apps, die die Privatsphäre respektieren, sofern möglich.

Hier ein paar Empfehlungen:

1. Amaze File Manager
2. AnySoftKeyboard
3. Fedilab
4. Markor
5. MuPDF
6. Alles von "Secuso"
7. OpenTasks
8. K9-Mail
9. Etar
10. Warpinator
11. Corona Contact Tracing Germany (CoronaWarn)


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Hello everyone! We have 2 open positions for engineers. Any RT is more than welcome!

- We are moving towards Kotlin Multi-platform on Mobile.
- We are migrating a Java Backend to .

If you are interested, please reach out. Thank you very much!

“I spent three days not fixing defect 142 because I was too afraid to ask for help,” is embarrassing enough that I’d rather ask for help

Identity Providers are basically recording your login and sharing this information with other pages. Here GMX sends your login ID "tpid" to Adition which shares its own cookie with several ad tech companies using a classic cookie matching. In this case only with your consent.

Other Publishers like Spiegel Online, BILD and SPORT1 track households based on the IP address (also with consent).

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Coffee and coding are totally compatible. My is getting better...hopefully..🤭

Hi there 👋 We’ve been working hard to get more devices to our list and here they are! We are welcoming 8 new smartphones this week.

Now we count 213 /e/OS supported devices.

#samsung #oneplus #android #motorola #eos #murena #mydataisMYdata #devices

Summer '21: Facebook claims they're limiting how advertisers can reach kids.

Fall '21: @fairplayforkids, @globalactplan, & @ausreset find FB "failed to make meaningful change to protect [teens] from hyper manipulative marketing."

@riptari w/the details:

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Something I wrote in the past that I constantly bring back when it comes to technical debt in software development.. Any feedback is more than appreciated.

Running toward privacy doesn't have to be a marathon. Just waddle over to DuckDuckGo.

[Video embedded in original tweet]

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In continuation with my journey of de-googling myself.. I installed ( The process was very smooth and without any issues.

It includes security tools and a built-in , called CalyxVPN. I also use @protonvpn

System looks great with . It also includes @fdroidorg and as an alternative to , which basically proxies requests and let you install apps from there without a account. Brilliant.

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