Things never really slow down, do they?

@josias @spirit56 Maybe let people measure and set their reading speed locally in the browser that websites can read and use. Similarly to how we can detect light and dark UIs right now.

I love how kdenlive has really good file recovery because it crashes so often

@hjfitz when you do the entire group project by yourself

@Mehrad Yeah I was taking notes in another markdown editor and thought wait a minute there is a smarter way to do this :D

Had an interesting problem with datetimes today. Before 1921, Estonia's timezone was 21 minutes behind the current one, so some tests with old dates didn't pass on my machine.

Consequently made my first Stack Overflow question!

@staticvoidmaine @Phate6660 Most of the data is good haha, just some of it could be improved by feedback. :P

@Phate6660 @staticvoidmaine Thanks for the feedback!

I was thinking of making the category filtering a paid feature. You would pay like $2/month, but you can start games with any categories and amount of topics. Does this sound fair? You can still self-host and add any topics you wish.

Right now there are 2000+ topics and 50000+ keywords, all scraped from sources of various reliability, so for data validation I was counting on crowdsourcing and made a feedback option after every round.

Just launched a party game I've been working on for a while:

Let me know if you play it and what you think of it!

The thing about punk shows is that people understand when you say "what?" 3 times before you hear what they're saying

TIL: Firefox has a built-in colour picker. It's under the hamburger menu -> More Tools -> Eyedropper.

Also TIL: the 3 dots vertically button is called the kebab menu as opposed to 3 horizontal lines being the hamburger menu. My firefox theme has a kebab menu instead of the hamburger menu and I almost used that.

@edgren Happy birthday! Your website looks great. :)

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@willdaly Treat this as a lesson to always quadruple check your dd command

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