The very dumb thing about having gone full Type-C is that I can't charge my phone on the bus...

Auto-generated Spotify playlists have become self-aware and they know exactly how to end themselves.

StackOverflow will leave me a nice christmas gift if I keep this up 😛

Sort of regret buying a Tuxedo XP14 instead of an InfinityBook Pro 14. :'(

Anyone wanna buy a beastly linux laptop with an Estonian keyboard layout? :)

Forgot to use up my API calls on some days, but made a cool pattern :D

I made a 3D tic tac toe game to practice websockets:

I'll try to make an actually interesting game next. :D

Anyone wanna try adapting my -19 vaccine bot to your country? You just need to change the pictured code basically.

It would also help me if anyone could link me to another country's vaccine data source (json/xml preferrably).

2 weeks of trying to fix my sleep schedule. Honestly loving it so far.

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