Just launched a party game I've been working on for a while:

Let me know if you play it and what you think of it!

@andri This looks really nice!
Definitely will try it in a bit.

@andri So I've been trying it a little.

And based on my first game.

I feel like a little more elaboration in the instructions would help.

Also, I have a feature request.

The ability to choose a category of topics. For example, creating a game centered around programming trivia.

Something I have found quite consistently is that nobody knew anything about the topics to choose from, which lead to quite an... odd game.

@andri That being said, after I figured some of the stuff out, I feel this would be very fun! Especially in an actual party setting.

@Phate6660 @staticvoidmaine Thanks for the feedback!

I was thinking of making the category filtering a paid feature. You would pay like $2/month, but you can start games with any categories and amount of topics. Does this sound fair? You can still self-host and add any topics you wish.

Right now there are 2000+ topics and 50000+ keywords, all scraped from sources of various reliability, so for data validation I was counting on crowdsourcing and made a feedback option after every round.

@andri @Phate6660 i think you have a choice: either create a high quality dataset yourself and charge a fee (I’m not sure I’d pay a subscription tbh. I’d spend $5 to purchase “edition 1” outright though?), or crowdsource and release for free. If I’m paying for a game it’s not in the form of a subscription and my expectations in data quality are going to be more than “crowd-sourced”

@staticvoidmaine @Phate6660 Most of the data is good haha, just some of it could be improved by feedback. :P

@Phate6660 @andri i second this feature request. Filtering by category would really help. Also, i think refining the data is the other big thing. This format is SO FUN!

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