2 weeks of trying to fix my sleep schedule. Honestly loving it so far.


4. Instead of browsing reddit on my phone for hours after waking up, I immediately go outside for a walk and listen to news podcasts. Early morning outdoor sunlight is a very important part about fixing your circadian rhythm, as explained by the podcast. I'm actually looking forward to my morning walks right now, they're really enjoyable!

I've had lots of problems focusing and paying attention before, but in the last 2 weeks they've improved a lot! I hope this helped you. :)

@andri Thank you very much for the detailed reflections! This all sounds very good!

I was digging into sleep hygiene a while ago. Resorting to a book and managing lighting before sleep sounds very good! I didn't know taking melatonin was a thing.

I guess routines are everything when regulating rhythm. The morning walks sound great, maybe I should try that myself. Meditation sessions helped me a lot.

The podcast sounds great and like an interesting selection of science, I will have a look!

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