Does anybody know a good headless CMS which respects human rights, privacy and makes people smile? Please let me know if there is something on the internet.

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New blocking rules! On 25th May 2021, Laura blocked three blocker blockers, fixed five sites and blocked four new trackers.

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Hey friends,
I just wanted to introduce myself. I do programming in a cooperative consultancy to pay the rent in Hamburg. I'm against big tech and venture capital funding because it destroys society and people. Topics like small tech, privacy and inclusive design are on my radar. I'm against fascism and a lot of other -isms!! Besides my serious coffee addiction, I'm into climbing and skateboarding.

Thank you all for this warm welcome and drop me a message


@andrewsecret hey, welcome to mastodon. A tip for you is just to interact. If you see something interesting reply or boost it. Follow interesting accounts, try searching hashtags. The more you interact the better your experience will be.

Yo that's my first post on Mastodon and I have no idea what I'm doing 😂


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