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Nextcloud grew to be the biggest self-hosted alternative to MS365 and Google 😍 😍 😍

A big THANKS to all of you who have made this possible 🙏🏻

if you haven't read the Announcement yet, check out our last blog post!


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NEW! We've added a roadmap for our journey to Thunderbird on Android. See what we've already delivered and what we're currently working on with @k9mail:

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Start of XMPP Providers Website 🚀

It’s Your Choice!

Are you looking for an XMPP provider that suits you? There is this new website now based on the data of XMPP Providers. XMPP Providers offers a curated list of providers and tools for filtering them, creating badges and more.

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Baby steps towards more Rust in Synapse, a fancy new mobile UI for Element, more reliable E2EE in Dendrite? That, and much more happened this week in Matrix!

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Plasma 5.25 is out! This release introduces A LOT of new things: new gestures, both for touchpads and touchscreens; more customizing, including tinted windows, and synced colors and wallpapers; floating panels; and much more.

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✅ The Free Android distribution Replicant,

✅ the Italian Linux Society,

✅ the self-hosting system YunoHost

just signed the open letter for the right to install any software on any device.

#Ecodesign #RightToRepair

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One of the most important feature requests we've heard from you is "WHERE THE HECK IS MY #THUNDERBIRD MOBILE APP?"

Here's a straight answer:

YES, we're excited to announce that an Android version of Thunderbird is coming!

We'll have more details to share with you in a few weeks. We'll talk to you about it here, and over on our blog at

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Introducing - a bespoke guide to the fediverse!

Some highlights include

⚡ People Directory - opt-in directory of people based on topics

⚡ Projects list

⚡ Mobile Apps list

We're working to improve our FAQ section and add additional projects! #fediverse #activitypub #fediverseInfo

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Become a Plasma productivity wiz! Use the Plasma keyboard shortcut cheatsheet to get the most out of KDE's Plasma desktop.

Created by u/wael_ch. Original at

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We have lift off! 🚀 We’re launching Spaces— the next frontier for how to group rooms and people in Element and, a giant leap towards discoverability.

Check the blog and join the public beta: welcome to the new dimension of Matrix! 🌌 🔭


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Spaces are here!! Come read all about MSC1772 and its various friends, children and ancestors and the shape of things to come :) 🎉🍾🚀🛰🔭🦑


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