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open πŸ‘ source πŸ‘ projects πŸ‘ should πŸ‘ not πŸ‘ use πŸ‘ closed πŸ‘ chat πŸ‘ platforms

Any recommendations for a mouse with a lot of programmable buttons+onboard memory?

I’ve gotten very comfortable with all the buttons on my Razer Naga 2014, but the shortcuts only work when I’m on on my own computer and with the client running in the background.

Can't load anything on Firefox, and I can't restart because I have a tab that I can't be closed for at least another few hours :/

I guess Ungoogled Chromium it is

I can finally declare CS at UC Berkeley! Hooray!!

I currently have a MacBook Pro I use with two monitors+keyboard+mouse. Is it worth using a pc with Linux instead?

I would just be using it to code and browse, and I could do it for <$150. The computer is ~7 years old and less powerful than my laptop though.

Hello everybody! My name’s Andrew, and I’m a student currently studying computer science at UC Berkeley. Huge proponent of and online . Feel free to visit my website (andrewkdinh.com) or ask me anything


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