Cryptocurrency is NOT a crime

The Securities and Exchange Commission is attempting to make virtually ALL cryptocurrencies in the United States illegal to freely transact and exchange.

Petition calls on the SEC to drop this case and establish clear standards for the cryptocurrency industry in the United States.

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Comedy of a Clark & Dawe level quality...
if @keithjpitt wasn't a Federal minister who just personally veto'ed a wind & battery project 🤦🏻‍♂️

It was independently approved.
It would have created 250 jobs + lowered power prices.

This is the level of renewables leadership we have.

Unfortunately, didn't run on Alpine (something of a dependency satisfaction issue and pip wouldn't compile the module under musl, it seems?), but the Arch package worked perfectly!

Solaar is well built and detected the devices perfectly (even pointing out how much charge the replaceable batteries had!), and worked even better than the Logitech Windows client IMO (faster, and more featureful). Props to the devs!

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No Viking helmet has ever been found with horns. Why? Because the horned Viking helmet concept was introduced by Wagner’s costume designer in the 1870s. I’m crushed.

Well there's something I've not seen before. Two Eastern Whipbirds on the veranda.

For context, there birds are amazingly secretive. Often heard, rarely seen, as they prefer to spend their time low in the rainforest amongst thick foliage.

So TIL that federal politicians and judges were (currently are) exempt from the sexual discrimination act.


Apparently that’s going to change but wow.

I can’t believe I’m having to write this code in a fucking web server. What a mockery of the web, human rights, and the GDPR.

Fuck you, Google!

#FLoC #Google #SurveillanceCapitalism

Urbanstep - Satellite (Brimstone remix) - SoundCloud
Listen to Urbanstep - Satellite (Brimstone remix) by BRIMSTONE on


I've had some thoughts on the current situation. Too much for the character limit here, though.

Don't appreciate Star Trek is not a question of bad taste. It's a moral failure, a character flaw.

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