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Hi, I'm new to Fosstodon, but not new to GNU, Linux, bash or programming in C, C++ (well, here I still have lots to learn and new standards are comming up quickly), some HTML, CSS, JS or HTTP

I don't care about doing stuff the right way.
I do it in an effective way that works.
For example: I have a function that recursively copies a small tree, built on the stack with pointers to rodata, each node has a name assigned to it.
How do I make the nodes from one tree have different names to those of the nodes from the other tree?

I've overcorrected some correct code.
I do need a += there, not an =, and an if before the next line.
I've asserted a variable similar in name to the left operand of the += is 0.
Do variables with similar but different names refer to the same object as a rule?
No? Why not? :blobcatOh:

I'm starting to insert comments into my redo to remember the meanings of variables.

I know the variable names should speak for themselves, but they don't... as usual :blobcatnotlikethis: :blobcatshrug:

The US requests access to national databases of fingerprints and faces in exchange for visaless entry to the US for up to 90 days.

At least 5 countries already gave the US access to their police databases.


Can someone find an English translation of the article? I only read the one in the second link. (in polish)

Non-terminal GUIs just like to be annoying.

The `List all tabs' dropdown in is just a few pixels from the right, so when you want to scroll it you might end up srolling the page in the background.

When my window is maximized (nearly always) and I need to click a scrollbar at the edge of the screen I don't try to stop the mouse above the scrollbar.
It stops by itself when it hits the screen edge.


I won't use any big blob of software like Chromium-based WebContent, because I want my browser to be secure, that is security must be kept in mind through the whole process of programming, not be left for extensions to manage.


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Again I had a look at a graphics library, this time only Qt. It has some good features, but since I want to implement everything (HTML, CSS; JavaScript if I want it at all) from scratch it doesn't make sense to use a high-level library that has it already implemented.

So I'm back to SimpleDirectmediaLayer.


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The HTML rendering part of my C++ HTTP client got a bit too messy, so I'm starting it again from nothing.

This time no sockets, no network, no URLs, no parsing HTML, no fighting against C++ inheritance and order of construction, just rendering protoHTML in plain, good old C.


Since a few days ago I've been playing around with system calls in . I started in the direction of a TCP/IP6 echo, now I'm introducing ptrace.
Works fine, the part that's implemented.

Now, I can work in this layout :)
tui new-layout mylayout -horizontal {regs 2 cmd 1} 3 asm 4

Up to now I used
{regs 1 asm 1 status 0 cmd 1}

My desktop with :i3: and :

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Oh, yeah, a
mov staticvar(%rip), %rsi
instead of a
lea staticvar(%rip), %rsi

It's hard to spot such a bug.
A symbol refers to the address of the static memory, but here I dereference it with the brackets.
So when I need it's address, I need to Load it's Effective Address.

I won against the position-independent-executable (PIE) which I couldn't turn off in GCC.
Now I can call `as` and `ld` via `gcc`, previously I did it by hand.
This is where I learned how to write PIE code:

If every time someone blindly uses you told them 'Wake up, Neo. The has you', how many times daily would you say it?

I just closed off 4 of my alsamixers.
htop says there are none left, so I hope I've tracked down all of them. :)

A finite while loop succeded:
var g := 5; while (g) g -= 1;
I'm steadily moving forward.
Next I'll fix my compiling which still doesn't support the 'if' conditional statement.

Now I see that it's too hard to both execute and compile at the same time, so my is still in bits and pieces, but it slowly takes some shape.
In the mean time I continue with the 'while' loop.


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