Is there a way to mute all bot accounts?

I came to mastodon to read from people, not bots reposting from websites 😕

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🧠 let's get a big plot of land in the mountains
👨 not this again
🧠 and build tiny cabins on it
👨 it's a nice daydream
🧠 and a shared living/kitchen space
👨 but it's impossible at this point
🧠 invite friends to live with us
👨 way harder than you think
🧠 rent free if they needed to
👨 we don't have the conflict resolution skills or stress tolerance
🧠 surely collective living is more efficient
👨 this is your version of "i'm tired of tech let's be a farmer" when we can't even keep houseplants alive

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Static sites are great, but they're not for everyone. If you're using them because WordPress is too heavy here's proof that you can fix your WordPress theme. This is from my own WP site with a homepage that weighs a whopping 25kb (compressed). Theme at

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My Fediverse timeline is full of people doing cool things in collaboration with others.

My Twitter timeline is full of people competing with one another while performing their bullshit jobs.


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