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Ampache's 2020 drive is to greatly expand the to provide every function you can do in the web interface over or .

We do it all !


if my function is called is_grid_view and it does the opposite, what should it be called?

is_plain_view? has_default_view?

API4 documentation is now a lot less terrible and missing a lot less info!

Getting close to dropping the major redesign of into the develop branch.

The only issue left is I need to write a lot.

As a user it's a 100% 1to1 replacement but as an admin you need to see it coming.

does anyone know if it's possible to update your database without having to open the program up?

I am more scared of disappointing people who use the develop branch of than my parents.

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We're thrilled to say that Fosstodon is now a proud member of the .

This is thanks to all the donations our members make, where any excess funding is donated to worthy projects.

If you want to contribute, see

is edging closer to a new major release!

Before the amazing rework that usox has been doing is released, we need to start documenting and getting everyone ready.

Anyone using our develop branch should have a read over the incoming changes.

Preview release of Ampache 5 has been unleashed to the wild.

This is a big change and is going to be a few months of testing while we iron everything out. There are Docker images available for you to play with and let us know what's working/not working compared to develop!

Just cut down processes that took minutes into sub-second. (Okay, maybe 3)

When you use 80k lines of code every day you will subconsciously work around things that need work without realising.

Ampache 4.2.4 is out now. Just some little fixes for you while we keep working on Ampache 5.

Gentle reminder that besides subsonic, has its own api.

The first draft of api 5.0.0 is up.

Big changes coming and we want it to be documented clearly for everyone.

on Twitter, I see so many clickbait lists from people telling you how to start to .

You just need to care about a project. That's it.

The first draft of 5 has been unleased into the develop branch!
There are a lot of new methods and has had a lot of changes to it's structure, objects and errors.
Check out our develop and test out your clients before Ampache 5.0.0!

Another month another update rollup for This month 4.2.3 brings you some bugfixes for subsonic as well as a few little issues found from 4.2.2.

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Google banned LBRY Android from the Playstore without warning and for contrived reasons.

This video details their exact communications, reasoning, and hypocrisy.

We believe we are being targeted due to big creators fleeing YouTube for LBRY.

Please share 🙏

Get access to your favorites right on the Ampache homepage with the Personal Favorites plugin!


It's probably the hardest thing to do well but Ampache is really working on how to sell itself through clear an clean the API in particular is going to get a massive boost this year

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Did you know there's an experimental #Nextcloud app that lets you block logins from specific countries or geographic regions? Check out Geoblocker if that is something you could use!

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