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Ampache's 2020 drive is to greatly expand the to provide every function you can do in the web interface over or .

We do it all !

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I built one of my sites in it in about a day, it's really easy if you know react too
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The site cops a lot of flak for being so outdated. (GitHub pages isn't fun as well)
What's a good static site generator I could use to help bring it back up to speed?

4.2.0 is out now.

Brand new ! ( going no where)
Spotify art search!
A (ridiculously) long change log!
Code quality through the roof 📈 thanks to phpstorm & scrutinizerci
Oracle MySQL fixes thanks to AMPPS


This is it fosstodon! packaging up 4.2.0 as we speak!

Really looking forward to showing off the months of coding and quality of life improvements!

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Hello everyone, this is my first toot. Just came from Twitter but considering deleting that account since the platform is just too negative for me. Not sure how things will go here. But just from quick glances I feel like at home here. Hoping you all have a great day!

Coming in 4.2.0, playlist show\hide is something that's been requested for a while.

Coming in 4.2.0, duplicate album search. Helpful for finding tags you've screwed up!

All right! No more changes!

Testing and bug fixes only for the next week! This release of is a big one and I want it to be as solid as possible.

4.2.0 has entering testing and will be releasing soon!

API and so many updates i don't want to put the changelog into wikipedia!

So many fixes coming in 4.2.0!

Does anyone know a decent alt to API image search?

Ampache is changing gear to get out a new release to resolve a (CVE-2020-13625) in .

The good news is that there are so many new features and bug fixes that it's actually a great kick in the pants to get testing!

Stay tuned for 4.2.0!

can a lot of data into PHP arrays speeding up the site. But when you use fpm you have to cache for each process!
I've tried and but what I'm really looking for is something like redis sets where I can store sub-arrays of keyed data.

[Examples](object123, (name, rating, etc, etc))

What are the options?

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.@ampache I'm working on bumping to 4.1.1 Ampache installer for @yunohost 🎆

This will be landing as soon as Yunohost 3.8 goes out !

contribution has doubled over the last year compared to the year before!
People who have never written a line of code before are picking up on bugs and issues to become contributors.

Over in 4.2.0-develop we're working on . Update from tags, the interface and more are getting a massive boost in speed from the caching update kicked off by Dogmazic
We're talking from 14s -> 4s when updating from tags!

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