Just finished a new new tab page. I think this is my favourite so far. Not only is it coloured to match my desktop but I also made an electron app (I know 😒 electron 🀒) so it functions as a desktop app.


Proudly kanged from Capuno:

Earlier today, you could click index.html to view the startpage but it seems like he's doing some work to it πŸ€”

As Pleroma can use any Mastodon client, I've logged into Tusky on mobile to try it out.

- Tusky inherits the character limit of your instance

- Displays basic text formatting

- Doesn't collapse toots that go over Mastodon's character limit but not over Pleroma's

Formatting works well in Pleroma but not at all in Mastodon. The first image is from the former and the second from the latter.

Pleroma also does HTML formatting but I'll leave that to you to test πŸ˜‰

1. User settings: 2FA, Bio, PFP, etc import/export, etc.

2. General Settings: Background, theme, notification filtering, timeline view, etc.

3. User search

4. Expand to see the rest of the conversation

5. Open the post in a new tab (only works if public)

6. Character limit: Pleroma lets you post pretty much without a limit. This raised the question of how Mastodon handles it. You can see that it actually shows all the content if you expand it:


Toots look quite nice as well, however there aren't multiple panes for federated, local, following, etc. like there are for Mastodon. I have seen that Pleroma is fully compatible with any Mastodon client and, according to what I read, that even includes the Mastodon WebUI which is a big plus; I love versatility and options.

My Fosstodon account looks great on Pleroma! 😁

After nearly a year of using @ArchLabsLinux's (it works so well), I finally got around to making my own. I also found and started using a desktop audio visualiser called . My dotfiles are linked below if you're interested!


There are a lot of screenshots in this toot because I'm not seeing any indication that there are any attached and I kept uploading them. I only realised that they were attached because I posted this a second ago and saw them πŸ€”

Apparently, has extensive keyboard shortcuts! In the WebUI of your instance, click here to view them! πŸ™‚

(I love shortcuts so I thought I'd share them for others who hadn't seen the little link down there πŸ˜‰)

I'm making the switch from to and was completely reorganising my filesystem when I found this recording from about a year ago. I really need to sit down and figure out what I played so I can do something cool with it.

The crackle is a side-effect of my crappy laptop mic but I actually think it adds to it. I think I recorded it in , added some reverb, and boosted the bass.

I was having dinner with Dad and he told me about this absolutely amazing new font from that is designed from the ground up to help you remember things. It's called . They broke some design principles so it takes more cognitive effort to read the text which helps you retain the information better and longer. They didn't break so many that it's impossible to read, however. It hits that sweet spot πŸ˜‰

I know it's weird but I plan to give it a try!


Which one is better?

I'm making wallpapers for as many distros as I can. I'll release them soon πŸ˜‰

I was looking around for a wallpaper to go with my new grayscale setup. After a little while of trolling around, I realised that I could make my own. After going through a few designs, I settled on this.


Even if the display's borked, I do have some nice parts from it all. The thing in the bottom right is a working touchscreen.

I think this is broken. What do you guys think? I'm hoping it was a software thing that messed up the redrawing of the pixels but I really don't know. It's from an old first gen Nook that my mother stopped using a while ago after she dropped it. Thought I'd take it apart and give it a shot as the screen for my Pi-powered e-reader.

Holy crap. I didn't know I had this in me. I just coded the most aesthetically pleasing new tab page I've ever seen. The search bar even works and searches .

All that's left is hosting it locally so I get blazing speeds.

So I made look a little better. This is cava built from source with no configuration in a full screen terminal, on my server editing my website, and the README for my dotfiles, also in vim.

I still don't really like Konsole but I'm trying to get the KDE experience and use everything "K" πŸ˜‰

I did another one. It's a bit longer but pretty much the same as the last; me just messing with that pad and chord modulations. I didn't edit anything, just recorded, exported, threw on a black background, rendered, uploaded.

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