Just bought the controller and I am very impressed with everything other than the build quality; it just feels a little cheap for a $50 controller.

I plugged the wireless adaptor into a USB port, turned it on, and was prompted to quickly update the firmware. After that, there was a little tutorial that shows the basics. I tried it out with Borderlands 2 to find that the controller is officially supported and pre-configured; you could change that if you wanted but I found it perfect! 😁

@amolith i don't play a lot of other games, but for shootwrs i haven't found anything better. :)

@amolith the software around it is great, but i was put off by the quality of the R1/L1 buttons and the trackpad click. Different parts of the same button required different amounts of force which makes it much more difficult to build muscle memory. Ended up going back to my old 360 controller

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