Moving my mother to @elementary this evening. didn't work quite well enough for her taste. Here's to hoping eOS lives up to the hype! 🍸

If :elementary: doesn't work out, see if she likes :solus:! It's been the best feel for me out of everything I've tried. Hope she likes :elementary:! Thanks for taking the time to make her feel at home on Linux!

@jiminycricket I hadn't even thought about Solus. I'll definitely have to keep that in mind. I haven't tried it in a while but, last time I did, it was a very polished and easy-to-use distro.

@amolith for someone new to Linux, who is coming from Windows, I tend to go with Mint Cinnamon or UbuntuMATE as the work flow is more familiar.

If they’re a Mac convert, then definitely :elementary:

Absolutely. Ubuntu Gnome has a drastically different workflow. For someone who's used to Windows or Mac will most certainly have a difficult time getting around in Gnome desktop.

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