The more into I get, the more pissed off I am about what's done with my information that I wasn't told about.

Just today, I found my voter profile that has my full name, age, full home address, my political party (unaffiliated), race, gender, registration date, neighbours, as well as all that same information on my relatives.

I am livid. This information should NOT be public where anyone can just search for it.

I'm currently in the process of getting all my public information removed from various websites following a workbook from Michael Bazzel at and I'm hoping it includes something about getting my public information removed from here as well.

The workbook is linked below along with his website. His podcast has to be my favourite if you're looking for any recommendations 😉

I did find a post on the forum regarding this issue exactly and one of the replies stated that you can contact your county clerk about privatising your voter information and that should remove your details from all those sites.

I'm going on a trip after Christmas that I shouldn't have to make 😃

@amolith Go government, way to discourage people from registering to vote!
And then they wonder why not everyone registers...

@colomar Most people don't know enough about that kind of thing to be concerned about this information being public and most of those that do, don't realise quite how public it is.

I want to move to Switzerland 🤔

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