I have to wonder why is so popular among people who are trying to "de-google" their lives and use something privacy-respecting and open source. I've personally experienced their censorship on Telegram when I asked a few basic questions about user privacy and how it truly differs from LOS with microG.

I also saw that you have to have an account with /e/ before you can use some of the most basic features. It's also incredibly buggy with reports every day about things breaking.

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Something else that honestly pissed me off about /e/ is that they had hundreds of people spamming Telegram channels about it. They would join, send a message promoting /e/, link to it, and promptly be banned. I also noted that many of them spoke broken English and, while there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, it does make me slightly suspicious that maybe they hired hundreds of people to spam Telegram channels as a marketing strategy.

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Maybe I'm being too stereotypical and, if so, I do apologise. It just made me immediately think of a shady marketing ploy on their part.

Sorry for all the notifications 🙈
I just wanted to make sure these were part of the original thread instead of seemingly random and detached

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