I have to wonder why is so popular among people who are trying to "de-google" their lives and use something privacy-respecting and open source. I've personally experienced their censorship on Telegram when I asked a few basic questions about user privacy and how it truly differs from LOS with microG.

I also saw that you have to have an account with /e/ before you can use some of the most basic features. It's also incredibly buggy with reports every day about things breaking.

Needless to say, I did not vote for /e/ to be the next mobile OS on the Fairphone 3. Even Replicant is by far the better choice.

I really hope to see postmarketOS or Ubuntu Touch on it. They would be really cool 🤔


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Something else that honestly pissed me off about /e/ is that they had hundreds of people spamming Telegram channels about it. They would join, send a message promoting /e/, link to it, and promptly be banned. I also noted that many of them spoke broken English and, while there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, it does make me slightly suspicious that maybe they hired hundreds of people to spam Telegram channels as a marketing strategy.

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Maybe I'm being too stereotypical and, if so, I do apologise. It just made me immediately think of a shady marketing ploy on their part.

Sorry for all the notifications 🙈
I just wanted to make sure these were part of the original thread instead of seemingly random and detached

@amolith replicant can't be put on there though right, or they would have to use very old (S3 is the most recent IIRC) hardware?

@Matter I don't know 🤷‍♂️ I imagine and hope that they would try to use more current hardware with open source drivers available and contribute them upstream to Replicant. I don't know much about how mobile OSs differ from desktop other than vastly different hardware so don't quote me on any of this 😉

That project seems disingenuous to me as well. I don't see how they are doing anything different or better than lineage. It feels like their intentions aren't pure when they could be contributing to lineage instead.

@amolith it's just better advertised and prettier/flashier. When I showed my dad how fast my computer booted and ran on Linux vs Windows, his immediate question was why everyone didn't already use Linux. I believe it's the same reason.

@amolith @mastonaut @kelbot @blaubachn @mooshoe well that's a shame. Funny i actually once posted a link about it in the ubuntu touch telegram 😂

I don't mind enthusiasts coming in to channels talking about it, but yeah using shady methods to spam goes against everything FOSS.

@gael things are breaking? thought it is still in beta? account should obviously be optional for privacy reasons. LOS is still communicating to a domain called 1e100.net (Google), this should be fixed for privacy reasons :blobglare:

@libreninja @amolith please report issues and privacy facts to either privacychallenge@e.email or gitlab.e.foundation - thanks!

@amolith I'm actually a financial backer for #eelo. I honestly thought they would develop something new. I flashed /e/ to my #Nexus6 and realized it was yet another os based on #android. In this case it was based on #LineageOS, based on #android. I found the Bliss Launcher to be very buggy. After installing LOS with microG for comparison, I eventually just reloaded official LOS with Mind the GApps back on my phone. Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed.


I haven't used it myself so I don't have first-hand experience with it but I've talked to many people who have and they all say the same thing; it's LOS with a buggy launcher and prebuilt apps that you may or may not be able to trust.

I hadn't heard of Mind the GApps before; I've been using microG. Before that, it was Ubuntu Touch.

@amolith Mind the GApps is just the name of a minimalistic add-on suite for custom #android ROMs that provide G services as well as G Play functionality.
Even with MicroG, I still had issues with third party apps functioning correctly.

@massius27 I'm thinking about switching to something other than microG because I have a few apps I would really like to run that I can't. Have you had any issues with Mind the GApps?

@amolith I've had absolutely no issues whatsoever. Again, the only drawback to this is, you are putting Google back on your phone in the form of Google Connectivity Services, and Google Play Services.
My end game is to be free from Google. My challenges with that are: Google Play Music, Google Play Movies, Drive and Chromecast. My path to that starts with a home NAS server.

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