After nearly a year of using @ArchLabsLinux's (it works so well), I finally got around to making my own. I also found and started using a desktop audio visualiser called . My dotfiles are linked below if you're interested!

There are a lot of screenshots in this toot because I'm not seeing any indication that there are any attached and I kept uploading them. I only realised that they were attached because I posted this a second ago and saw them 🤔

@amolith Thanks for pointing me to ! I knew about and always wished there was an opengl version for use as a wallpaper! (Well of course I was just guessing it would be opengl, I was open to anything but I was right on spot apparently!)

Relevant links:

@Naughtylus I've use cava but it's actually too heavy for some reason and lags a lot for me 🤷

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