I'm doing a little poll here to prove a point to a friend.

How many of you current users use ? If you're not on Android any more, did you use F-Droid when you were?

@amolith I use F-Droid for 90% of my app usage. There's a small handful of non-free apps I still want.

@gentoorebel @amolith Exactly the same here, everything but banking apps and discord is from F-Droid.

Question. Is it okay to use the google store for apps that are also on fdroid?

I like fdroid, but the damn "unauthorized sources" warning drives me crazy.

Is there any way to authorize fdroid? :blob_gnikniht:

@rick_777 @gentoorebel @amolith If you have a android 8+ device you only need to authorize fdroid one. Like a packet repository on Linux distributions

@amolith I use @fdroidorg for most apps. In fact, I like to browse what's new. Only few apps from the big G

@amolith yep, I use f-droid apps. In fact I'm using one to type this

@amolith only apps from f-droid on my phone. Oh and maybe VLC

@Matter @amolith

VLC is already available on F-Droid, in the archive repo (it has the latest version too)

@admin @Matter @amolith (But the F-Droid team has a lot of problems with building VLC, it is why it's dropped in the Archive. )

@amolith there was a time when I had like 70% apps from fdroid. The issue was that not much of all opensource apps is there but they are on Google play store... But still, general basic is there :)

@amolith adding to previous reply: it seems, that open source applications that are available both in GPlay and #FDroid are more recent on last one. That's a nice reason to at least install it 🤔🤔

@amolith all my apps are from f-droid except for the Plex app.

@amolith I use as many apps as I can from fdroid. Only use play store for ones FOSS not on fdroid

@amolith F-Droid for more than 90%, Aurora Store for the few remaining proprietary ones.

@amolith #FDroid is my favourite app store and also the most convenient one since I don't run any google stuff on my android (LineageOS)

@amolith yes very much i get most apps from FDroid hail stallman

@amolith I use F-Droid on three devices. I still use quite a few non-free apps, but always check first when I need something.

@amolith Yes, two apps so far as I gradually move from gapps to fdroid. No longer have gmail or maps installed. Replacing gdrive/keep next.

@amolith I run Microg and Lineage, so F-Droid is my primary app store. I have a couple of other APKs, that's it.

@stevelord @amolith 3 units (1 Phone, 2 Tabs) with LineageOS; of those, 2 without any Google Tools at all. All in all, 4 units with #fdroid here, and 3 more that I admin'.

@amolith i use f-droid regularly! it's great c: good to install newpipe, syncthing, password store, lots of stuff

@amolith Not actually an Android user: I'm running #SailfishX on an Xperia X with #AlienDalvik compatibility layer. #Fdroid is the only Android store I'm using, except for three proprietary apps (online banking, TV streaming, TeamViewer).

@amolith F-Droid for more than 80% of the installed apps over here 👋

@amolith Using f-droid for quite a few of installed apps.
For new apps, only when FOSS apps do not solve my problem, I'm looking into other app stores which have non-libre solutions

@amolith I do !
When I need something I always search in F-droid before opening the Play Store

@amolith I use F-Droid for a number of apps I use daily, including Mastalab, Signal, andOTP, Password Store, Lawn Chair, Open Keychain, NewPipe, KDE Connect, Open Camera, SecScanQR, Termmux... and I'm certainly missing some.

@amolith me. first look for the app i want or similar in your repo. The apps I use most are from your repo...

Solid #FDroid user here for quite some time now and will continue to do so. @fdroidorg

@amolith What's the point you wanted to prove with this? That complete nerds who'd use F-Droid would also be using Mastodon? :troll:

@amolith Using FDroid, except for some apps like my 2FA bank app which isn't on FDroid

I use lineageOS with F-droid as my only package manager.

@amolith I only use F-droid for a few apps. The vast majority still come from Play store, but that's something I'm hoping will change as the app selection improves.

@amolith I first look in F-droid before considering Play store. All the apps I use that exist on F-droid are downloaded from F-droid.

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