I'm doing a little poll here to prove a point to a friend.

How many of you current users use ? If you're not on Android any more, did you use F-Droid when you were?

@amolith I use F-Droid for 90% of my app usage. There's a small handful of non-free apps I still want.

@gentoorebel @amolith Exactly the same here, everything but banking apps and discord is from F-Droid.

Question. Is it okay to use the google store for apps that are also on fdroid?

I like fdroid, but the damn "unauthorized sources" warning drives me crazy.

Is there any way to authorize fdroid? :blob_gnikniht:

@rick_777 @gentoorebel @amolith If you have a android 8+ device you only need to authorize fdroid one. Like a packet repository on Linux distributions

@amolith I use @fdroidorg for most apps. In fact, I like to browse what's new. Only few apps from the big G

@amolith yep, I use f-droid apps. In fact I'm using one to type this

@amolith only apps from f-droid on my phone. Oh and maybe VLC

@Matter @amolith

VLC is already available on F-Droid, in the archive repo (it has the latest version too)

@admin @Matter @amolith (But the F-Droid team has a lot of problems with building VLC, it is why it's dropped in the Archive. )

@amolith there was a time when I had like 70% apps from fdroid. The issue was that not much of all opensource apps is there but they are on Google play store... But still, general basic is there :)

@amolith adding to previous reply: it seems, that open source applications that are available both in GPlay and #FDroid are more recent on last one. That's a nice reason to at least install it 🤔🤔

@amolith all my apps are from f-droid except for the Plex app.

@amolith I use as many apps as I can from fdroid. Only use play store for ones FOSS not on fdroid

@amolith F-Droid for more than 90%, Aurora Store for the few remaining proprietary ones.

@amolith yes very much i get most apps from FDroid hail stallman

@amolith I use F-Droid on three devices. I still use quite a few non-free apps, but always check first when I need something.

@amolith I run Microg and Lineage, so F-Droid is my primary app store. I have a couple of other APKs, that's it.

@stevelord @amolith 3 units (1 Phone, 2 Tabs) with LineageOS; of those, 2 without any Google Tools at all. All in all, 4 units with #fdroid here, and 3 more that I admin'.

@amolith i use f-droid regularly! it's great c: good to install newpipe, syncthing, password store, lots of stuff

@amolith Not actually an Android user: I'm running #SailfishX on an Xperia X with #AlienDalvik compatibility layer. #Fdroid is the only Android store I'm using, except for three proprietary apps (online banking, TV streaming, TeamViewer).

@amolith F-Droid for more than 80% of the installed apps over here 👋

@amolith I do !
When I need something I always search in F-droid before opening the Play Store

@amolith I use F-Droid for a number of apps I use daily, including Mastalab, Signal, andOTP, Password Store, Lawn Chair, Open Keychain, NewPipe, KDE Connect, Open Camera, SecScanQR, Termmux... and I'm certainly missing some.

@amolith me. first look for the app i want or similar in your repo. The apps I use most are from your repo...

Solid #FDroid user here for quite some time now and will continue to do so. @fdroidorg

@amolith What's the point you wanted to prove with this? That complete nerds who'd use F-Droid would also be using Mastodon? :troll:

@amolith Using FDroid, except for some apps like my 2FA bank app which isn't on FDroid

I use lineageOS with F-droid as my only package manager.

@amolith I only use F-droid for a few apps. The vast majority still come from Play store, but that's something I'm hoping will change as the app selection improves.

@amolith I first look in F-droid before considering Play store. All the apps I use that exist on F-droid are downloaded from F-droid.

@amolith On my main device, there's only F-Droid (and no GApps at all). On one of my devices there's still the GApps present – but hardly ever used and most of them even disabled. Hardly ever use Playstore (but in my position as author and mod on Android.SE keep it on the one device to check things).

@amolith I use F-Droid whenever I can. (Lots of stuff on both F-Droid and Google Play.) Still have Google Play but more wary of using it now.

@amolith I use f-droid and google. But google only for what I cannot find an equivalent on F-Droid.

@amolith I do use it, but it does end up being pretty rare tbh

@amolith I used-it as much as I can, I don't even have Google Play store. I used Yalp Store when I need garbadge apps. I currently used the Microg build with built-in Fdroid services and microg for the garbadge google dependants apps.

@amolith I have both F-Droid and Google Play on my phone (since my WearOS watch needs the Play Services and doesn't yet work with MicroG). But 90% of my apps are from F-Droid, only a few closed source ones from Google Play.

@amolith I've been using F-Droid on my (ancient) Kindle Fire HD tablet ever since (no G apps by default and the Amazon app store is a joke).

I do not use it on my phone (even though I have some (=7) FOSS apps installed via Play Store that I discovered by using F-Droid on the tablet.

HTH. Greetings to your friend.

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