So the challenge for this week is to either try Fedora 29 or go 100% command line: no GUI. 733t h4xx0r that I am, of course I have to go with the latter. Starting tomorrow, I will boot straight into a TTY. No games, no browser, no GUI file manager, etc. I'll be using , elinks/lynx/w3m (not sure which yet), , and all the TTYs to replace workspaces.

I'll try to keep you guys updated on how it goes! Don't expect any screenshots 😂

@ajroach42 Oh now that is cool. Thank you for the recommendation! I'm planning to test it out tonight!

@amolith you can also try tmux. I'm using that a lot in the shell… even inside of a DE.


@amolith why no browser? You might want to have a look at #qutebrowser (

@regines I'll be in a TTY so no GUIs, including qutebrowser, will work. I do use it along with FF as my daily browser though

Search for programs that can write directly to the framebuffer. Like fbgs and fbi.
I really like lynx. (modern fork of links)
It's surprisingly easy to live in the tty.

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