Finally got my dotfiles all up at GitLab:
They are still a mess but I’m working hard on improving that.

And also a huge thanks to @amolith for showing me the world of dotfile managers!

@Ghosty @amolith Nice to be able to review other's configuration. Thanks.

But what is a dotfile manager?

@hdasch @Ghosty Dotfile managers make it easy to use the same configuration across multiple machines. I've been using stow for about a year. You move all your dotfiles to one directory and into folders. If I want to save my config for zsh I'd make the path something like ~/dotfiles/i3/.config/i3/config and run "stow zsh" from ~/dotfiles. That makes a symlink from the first path to ~/.config/i3/config. That way, all I have to do is clone the repo, "stow" everything, and it's an identical setup!

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