I currently have an Android phone but I don't love giving Google a constant stream of telemetry. Anyone out there using a FOSS rom for daily use on their phone?

There are a moderate number of phone apps that I use often (Lyft, mealpal, transit apps). I wonder if I could side load apks?

Would love to hear from folks who have taken the plunge. Is dual booting possible?

@coopernurse I'm using LineageOS with microG and I get my Google Play apps from Yalp. I've only had one app that won't open and that was Hangouts (what can I expect with microG though?). I highly recommend them all 🙂



@amolith Excellent thanks for the info! Any issues using it with your cell carrier? Or does voice/sms work out of the box?

I have a Moto X phone (unlocked GSM)


@coopernurse Everything has worked wonderfully for me except for one, albeit niche, feature: encryption.

I'm not sure if it's hardware or software but I had a lot of bugs after I encrypted the disk. I went through a lot of trouble to fix it but, other than that, everything's been great!

@amolith fantastic. I have an old phone sitting in a drawer. I'll try to install it on there and see how it goes. Thanks for the info.

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