Looks like the new update brings a profile directory to make it easier to find people in topics you're interested in on your own instance. Simply add some to your bio, check the option in profile settings, and you'll be included! 😁


Thinking about adding music to my website. If I do, it'd be in a small little floating player in the bottom right of the screen with play/pause/skip buttons and scrolling track info. What do you guys say? πŸ€”

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Question about telephony / dumping my telecom Show more

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anyone use NixOS? I'd like to learn writing expressions to localize an environment, e. g. jupyterlab in its isolated environment without affecting the entire system.

v18.09 is interesting, is NixOS secure by declaration, what are possible attack vector. and your experiences

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A quick look at the #PantherX Desktop: Here we've got the Menu with global search that can dig into PDF's and other documents, Hub with all online accounts and recent messages and of course System - at the top, right - with clear connection information; supporting all modern standards, including special cases such as OpenVPN with stunnel.

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So I decided to give a try, after reading @kev 's blog.
Any recommendations of must-have (tech) accounts to follow?

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Recently @amolith setup a #mattermost chat room. I'm very impressed.
Threaded conversation, custom emoji, reactions, the works.
Mobile client does everything you expect.
This is good stuff.

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I made a little thing on Glitch for making blackout poetry, so you can be emo on the internet faster and more efficiently blackoutpoetry.glitch.me

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i wasn't joking when i said mastodon.cloud is owned by a for-profit LLC now btw

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The #EFF: β€œwe are the leading nonprofit defending digital privacy”

Also #EFF: β€œwe’ve partnered with the world’s largest #SurveillanceCapitalist who makes billions by violating your privacy to train the people who will make the policies that defend your privacy – come be a Google Policy Fellow!”


This is institutional corruption at its worst.

Is anyone else sick of this bullshit?

Via @schestowitz

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I also set up a day or two ago and have been using it on all my devices since then. If anyone needs a VPN, send me a message somewhere and we can talk πŸ‘


Brought up an instance of earlier today. I have to say it was one of the easiest installations I've done so πŸ‘ for you Mattermost team πŸ˜‰

You can check out my page on it along with the three communities currently there and a theme I created to match my website below:

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I just got an email from Have I Been Pwned () saying that one of my email addresses was part of a recently revealed data breach.

"The unique email addresses totalled 772,904,991."
"There are 21,222,975 unique passwords."


The article doesn't give many details about the breach itself, just how to use their products to protect yourself. I dislike that but this is still important to share in case someone is seriously affected by this breach.

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My favourite applications are , , , and .

I've been using CodiMD *very* extensively for calculus notes (link below). Gitea looks *amazing* with their new dark theme. I have no complaints. I absolutely love it. PrivateBin is a minimal pastebin that encrypts and decrypts pastes in-browser so my server (and by extension, me) has absolutely no knowledge of what's been pasted.

RocketChat is just cool Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―


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