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I just got on !

BEGIN KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE. kXR7VktZdyH7rvq v5weRa0zkRGy7L0 UyGJj9bbx4OrKMu rmFGAkVwpqsYCXv Xr4fLa2saSBlSoA p2HTYhMyxkhnhi1 TZ5O7oLqWmiEmxb XQW2B7zxGTZPk7z VytJFu8NrKAj7Uy xo5aptfXAcczoJP Z1LZ2dta10peq2B AH0f0OZ70CgNtvK dWqrXlWNC6tqwQU 5TLYPzhe1089S5Y 6u4aB16b2R8sgfZ dmsTKZkIC8hrQHZ 0kdq. END KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE.

Paste this into a text file and run "cat <file>.txt | keybase verify" to ensure it's me!

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I recently published another article on my blog, this time about the Open Source Design Summit we organized this November in Tirana, Albania. Read the article for an in-depth analysis:

Next up, some more articles about online privacy and services.
Feedback appreciated (and ideas for more posts too). :blobfistbumpB:

As Pleroma can use any Mastodon client, I've logged into Tusky on mobile to try it out.

- Tusky inherits the character limit of your instance

- Displays basic text formatting

- Doesn't collapse toots that go over Mastodon's character limit but not over Pleroma's

Formatting works well in Pleroma but not at all in Mastodon. The first image is from the former and the second from the latter.

Pleroma also does HTML formatting but I'll leave that to you to test 😉

1. User settings: 2FA, Bio, PFP, etc import/export, etc.

2. General Settings: Background, theme, notification filtering, timeline view, etc.

3. User search

4. Expand to see the rest of the conversation

5. Open the post in a new tab (only works if public)

6. Character limit: Pleroma lets you post pretty much without a limit. This raised the question of how Mastodon handles it. You can see that it actually shows all the content if you expand it:

@kev @mike
Do you know anything about what's going on with attachment previews in Masto?

Toots look quite nice as well, however there aren't multiple panes for federated, local, following, etc. like there are for Mastodon. I have seen that Pleroma is fully compatible with any Mastodon client and, according to what I read, that even includes the Mastodon WebUI which is a big plus; I love versatility and options.

My Fosstodon account looks great on Pleroma! 😁

I'm trying out Pleroma on a friend's instance so if you see a new follow from "me", that's what it is.

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I refuse to use Netflix or one of these other mass data mining video streaming services. I installed and the libdvdcss library and started ripping my DVD's and copy them to my OpenELEC box. All this on DVD's is making this very annoying but it works so far.

More on DRM here:

After nearly a year of using @ArchLabsLinux's (it works so well), I finally got around to making my own. I also found and started using a desktop audio visualiser called . My dotfiles are linked below if you're interested!

There are a lot of screenshots in this toot because I'm not seeing any indication that there are any attached and I kept uploading them. I only realised that they were attached because I posted this a second ago and saw them 🤔

Someone asked that I make one of my wallpapers with 's logo earlier today so I'm looking around the website and look what I found! They write accompanying songs for each release!

My favourite so far is "Fanza":

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Dear people who write bots: please respect the #nobot tag in people's bios.

Also if your bot is auto-following people, it needs to explain *why* it wants access to follower-only toots!

It would suck if most people felt forced to turn on follow approvals just because of unsolicited spam bot follows.

Excuse me while I go below my ISP up. I'm hoping the rebuild will fix my perpetual connection issues.

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Currently working on Mastodome, an alpha-development stage desktop client for Mastodon using Python & Qt. There's still some work to do before 0.2 is ready for release.

This is running on Ubuntu MATE 18.04 LTS with the dark themes enabled. Eclipse with the PyDev plugin is in the background. #screenshotsunday

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I want to take a quick second here to thank all of our veterans around the world for their service and their sacrifices. I'd love to tag each and every one, but unfortunately I don't know who all the vets here are. A special thank you to @kev who not only served, but makes possible for all of us. I also want to thank my dad, even though he's not reading this.

Has anyone compared to in terms of performance, network usage, how easy it is to move from Masto to Pleroma, etc.?

I'd like to set up my own instance of one and the lack of a 500 char limit, purported speed, versatility with regards to client compatibility, and with , , Masto, and others all-in-one is very attractive about Pleroma but Masto supports migration from one instance to another while keeping all your follows and followers (iirc).

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May the memories of our Veterans be good ones, and our hearts are with those that have passed. Thanks to all the veterans who have done what I could not

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Happy Veterans Day! Thanks to all that served. I hope they and our enemies find peace.

I got way too many replies to reply to everyone so I'll just say thank you like this and hope you all see it. Thank you! 🙂 It further convinced me that the majority of Linux users use F-Droid and will hopefully convince him of the same!

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