(1/3) 👋 Hey, Fediverse! I am in need of your inputs.

Some time ago, inspired by @luke, I launched my minimalist, privacy-friendly site with a blog. Everything has been working well. But, I'd like to be able to know the number of pageviews and perhaps the country of the readers, without invading the users' privacy.

(2/3) My dilemma is this: On one hand, I want to keep my site minimalist and non-invasive, and I know that JS is not the best solution. But, on the other hand, I'd really like to know if my blogs are reaching people and making an impact.

I tried using Matomo Analytics. They offer multiple ways of implementing it: JS, which I probably shouldn't use and image based tracking (Sorry, I don't know the exact term), which I was unable to implement.

(3/3) So, could someone please help me figure this out? Should I track pageviews? Other metrics? And help with implementation.

Thanks a ton!

@amer it’s a common misconception that JS is bad. Yes, it can be bad, but adding it to your site doesn’t automatically make your site run like Facebook.

Recommendations - @plausible or GoatCounter (goatcounter.com).


@kev @plausible Hey! So happy to hear from you!
Thanks for your help! Will check out these services. 😊

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