This particular setup also includes Alabaster color scheme which is minimal and nice (

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Just switched to Sublime as the default code editor for everything (was using Emacs & IntelliJ IDEA) before.

Sublime is INCREDIBLY fast, it's damn stable, highly customizable and its UX is beyond everything.

What do you use?

I'm shutting down one of my projects called Routinie and opening its source code under the MIT license.

The backend is a Golang app which might be a nice example of a full-featured web app that contains several API methods, logging, instumenting, e-mail sender, session manager, and Stripe integration.
The frontend is a TypeScript SPA using Redux Toolkit (

Got a bit tired of JavaScript, Golang and other stuff, decided to go back to roots and start a new project in Clojure/ClojureScript.

Not going to tell what it's about (yet) but it's completely open source and will be built in public.

I love Telescope and want it to be a really nice solution for publishing content, but I also get that it's super hard to sell/promote something like that. However, I have several paying customers and treat it a little bit like a sandbox — something I want to keep experimenting with.

And I promise I am not here to promote it :) Will mostly be writing about technical challenges and struggles of an (average) indie maker.

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Just for some information:
I'm Alex, I live in Vienna, Austria, and next week I'm going to present my new Clojure project (open source!) that's gonna be built in public.

I'm also a creator of Telescope ( — a simple yet powerful publishing platform. This is my indie product, which has been years in the making (at a slow pace), and now going through a bunch of transformations/simplifications.

Hello Mastodon!

It's actually my second attempt to start using you, and hopefully this attempt will be more successful this time :)


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