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Or are they even automatic ?

This is such a shameless piece of self-serving bullshit, it should be comic. But it's not. It's terrifying. It's exactly the kind of "solution" that low-information lawmakers love - something that lets them "get tough on a bad actor" without risking campaign contributions.

Don't be bamboozled. Please. The answer to Facebook will not come from Facebook. You can't fix something from the inside that shouldn't exist in the first place.


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Clubhouse is a privacy nightmare.

I guess coming from an iOS-only startup with a culture of exploitation, it's not terribly surprising?


If you use Sourcetree, you can go to:

Menu > Install Command Line Tools

It lets you use the `stree` command to open Sourcetree from the terminal 🎉

Today in pattern

"You may need to attempt like you're going to purchase the Skype number before you can see the rate of it"

Skype gives you no indication about the price of a Skype number until you *log in* to purchase one.

Not even a rough figure, NOTHING

You’re invited to the first elementary Developer Weekend!

For years we’ve dreamed about creating a conference for Open Source app developers, so we’re creating a space to bring people in and include them in the process.

Join us online June 26–27, 2021 edw.elementary.io/

@scylla What does "Spreadsheet worship" consist of ? 👀

Can you do threads in this?
If so, you can find my tech setup on:

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If you missed our Small is Beautiful live stream with David Heinemeier Hansson today, the recording is now available to watch at small-tech.org/small-is-beauti

#SmallIsBeautiful #SmallTech

Wait, Mastodon has a Slack-style emoji picker?

How has Twitter not implemented this yet 🤦‍♂️

👋 Hello Foostodon!

I've decided to Mastodon a good try this time.
👀 Who's this guy?

- I code charts for a living
- Love coding games, maps and 3D graphics.
- Worked for a remote company before it was cool.
- Like and owning my data.
- Trying to get into blogging
- Based in 🇬🇧


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