Is it bad that I need 2 red eyes to wake up?

but then you forget one ampersand and the linker yells at you

tfw you finally feel mastery of smart pointers

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Took the day off of work to enjoy time with my family before Christmas. Of course this means staying up until 3 am helping my wife wrap Christmas presents, then running errands the second I got up. Hooray adulting.

I've always wondered why in "Castles in the Sky" by Ian van Dahl, they sing "do you ever question your b'life" and "do you ever see in your b'dreams", like why is that b so prominent? And no lyrics sites list it?

tfw X11 suddenly cannot open display :0.0

if sleep was a currency, i would be a panhandler (naphandler?)

I want a keyboard that's attached to my fingers and it types on the device that I'm looking at

The Half-Life: Alyx trailer looks incredible! Can't wait to play it!

In English, you can suffix a word with "-er" to indicate increasing intensity, like "loud"->"louder". It's really an intensity vector, but the direction is based on the root word, e.g. "soft"->"softer" indicates less volume, not more. What if there was a suffix that indicated decreasing intensity on its own? E.g. "loud"->"loudes" means "less loud" and "softes" means "less soft" or equal to "louder". Do other languages have this?

Watched the second episode of The Mandalorian on my TV in HDR. It's the first thing I've watched in HDR (ever) and it was incredible!

interested to see if there really is a 16" macbook announcement tomorrow

anybody use vultr to host a website? Thinking of grabbing the super cheap VPS option for a static site


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