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"There are many problems in society. Often, I would get so mad from worrying about them I'd start banging my head against the wall. And what did I get from all that worrying? A big headache."

It's okay to worry about problems in the world, but you need to know the limit of what you can do. I'm not saying to give up on anything, I'm saying that everyone has a mental limit. Don't use it up on things you can't solve.

Yes, I learned this the hard way.

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What type of headphones/earbuds would you have?

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When I say onion what do you think of?

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Which company had the worst tranformation from good to evil/annoying/bad?

2xYz :android: :popos: :tor: boosted

What is the shape of the Earth :earth_photo:?

As Shakespeare once said:

O'! Laptop, laptop! Wherefore art thou Windows :windows: updates? Deny thy father :microsoft: and refuse thy name!

Modern English translation:

Oh! Laptop, laptop! Wherefore are your Windows :windows: Updates! Deny your father :microsoft: and change your name!

I hate the concept of having to wake up early in the morning (7am~8am).

I know not all jobs support this, but why can't jobs that are applicable let you work whenever, instead of having to work by 9 in the morning :ablobcatcry:

Alright who in the world goes to steal an egg from a bunch of radioactive birds instead of being normal and buying a dozen from walmart, especially in a weird UFO suit with four arms?

This dude, of course!

If I send a private message to someone on Mastodon, would the instance operators be able to see that post?

What OS do you guys use?

What is your favourite pet?

I think it's harder to pay your hospital bills than close out of VIM for the first time

Cmon America, you can do better than that

The square is red
It is in pain
Microsoft seems to be
Going insane

Roses are red
Slowly going to death
My good old Microsoft
Has been taking some meth

Roses are red
Run wrongly in pain
I hate Microsoft
They live on cocaine.

Anybody here play Angry Birds?

I know it's old, but it is still a good game.

One of the better apps left in the play store is Angry Birds Space, and gosh the nostalgia. You all seriously have to play this game.

Also the boss fight theme for the game is 👌

Cigarettes are like hamsters:

They are fine until you put them in your mouth and light them on fire.

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