@yarmo wasn't it "covid-related responsibility"?

(jk ofc)

Fuckin Facebook...

Facebook Ray-Ban Camera Glasses: Price, Details, Release Date | WIRED

3.1.0 was released today 🎉 with an emphasis on and should now be WAI-AA compliant, so:

- good text contrast ratio
- optimized for screen readers
- optimized for keyboard navigation


Google AMP is dead! You no longer need to follow any artificial restrictions set by the adtech giant in order to rank plausible.io/blog/google-amp

Last week's EU deal on #chatcontrol will result in the automatic searching of all your personal electronic mail and messages for presumed suspect content using error-prone #AI algorithms that will report you to the police, guilty or not. And more to come.

Doing my part on the front – just enabled Commento.io non-intrusive comments on my personal site @ allien.work

Feels good™

@rtsn after reading this post, this poped up in my mind for some reason. Had to giggle, so maybe it will brighten your day as well ;)

After an evening of researching a nice, self-hosted board (think Trello) and seeing some of the demos, my despair brought me to the simplest solution.

Use my own instance with an empty repo and a bunch of issues managed in the project.

Simple enough, exactly what I needed. And kudos to Gitea devs, they've done some great work on this!

@softwareAnarchist @arran @willricketts @Metruzanca

"While more established privacy-focused cryptocurrencies like Zcash and Monero have been more widely used and arguably better tested, Marlinspike says Signal chose to integrate MobileCoin because it has the most seamless user experience on mobile devices, requiring little storage space on the phone and needing only seconds for transactions to be confirmed."

srouce: wired.com/story/signal-mobilec

Loving ?
There's a -based text editor inspired by it!

Nothing stands between you and subliming on your servers anymore :)

SublimeMerge (from the authors of SublimeText) is a really cool GUI for .

As I've stopped using GitKraken just recently, this looks as a promising alternative!

The March 2021 Project Update has just been published on Particl News. It contains all the latest information about what's been happening around the project for the past two months.

✅ Inflationary bug solutions
✅ Particl V3 update
✅ New treasury model proposal
✅ Atomic swap DEX protocol and its Particl Desktop integration
✅ New community CCS proposal
✅ 2020 CryptoMiso Github ranking

👉 particl.news/project-update-ma

@metalune @arran "how much?" +1

Arran, would you be comfy sending it to CZ as well?

What's the one big step to level up your online ? Definitely strong, long and unique passwords!

How does one manages all that mess? With a password manager from Bitwarden!

If you're still not using one, I have an article for you: allien.work/2021/bitwarden-ope

@yattix "buying a license would cost more than the hardware" - not necessarily. There are companies who sold licences from "enterprise bundles" (or how to call it) - ie. company buys 1000s of licences, sells the unused ones for cheap.

I know of one such service here in CZ, they sell official Win10 for 1/4 of the usual price. Might be worth checking if something like this exists at your place..

Stop Using Cloudflare

1. It is a GIANT man in the middle - MITM.
2. Their DDOS protection is not that good.
3. You are contributing to a centralized Internet.

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