Hey fediverse, any recommendations for a good "read it later" app?

Ideally open source & multiplatform (a must is a web/Linux & Android access).

@PestToast @particl Thanks for mention, we migrated to a new wiki lately. It's already fixed!

@plausible are you planning displaying pageviews in the graph as well? That would be a nice feature, I'd love to see!

@basil @kev if you're speaking about editing on mobile, I don't care much about that. Thanks for input; looks like I'll have to finally spin it up :)

@kev To be fair, with the link popup - it actually behaved correctly. The "title" wasn't meant for the link text, but for the explanation text when you hover over the link (well, link title :) The rest seemed like escaped characters.

Glad you were my "lab rat" though, as I wanted to give it a try as well..

There's still one to try, the Netlify CMS: netlifycms.org/

Just became proud member of the 512kb.club with my personal site @ allien.work!

Striving for a lightweight web without unneccessary bloat! That's something I can get behind.

@LinuxWonky nice! Even though I didn't mean it like an imperative :)

I'm supporting monthly as well - not much, but something.. had the same revelation last year - if I'm using all these amazing (F)OSS services and apps, I should throw some money at them.

@LinuxWonky even better, if every other user would donated just $1 monthly, Signal would blow up.

@sotolf @stimzim @Zach777

0) what provider exactly? you mean the many miners all around the world?

1) yes, that's true. yet phone is still more accessible than a banking account for many people (mainly developing nations)

2) cash is more accepted - yes, inside of your country. try giving foreign cash to a vendor.. no luck there

so we should just shut down the whole crypto industry, because it hasn't taken over finance overnight? should we turn off all innovations like that? :)

@stimzim @sotolf @Zach777

1) it's not really wasting resources, as it enables global, permissionless payments for everybody

2) it's still move enviromentaly friendly than printing cash or mining gold

3) if you want to go even more green, there are many "proof of stake" coins (e.g. particl.io, which is also private on demand)

@nathand @binyamin If you guys haven't seen it yet, watch his Yoyo Rabbit movie. Saw it twice, gets better every time :)


@Horizon_Innovations Trezor hardrware wallet for long-term storage.

For mobile (smaller amounts for spending), go with either Bluewallet or Samourai Wallet.

Virtually free "unix" sticker pack!
10 pcs for 1€ :)

Contains: Badge sticker sheet (Arch Linux + Git + Vim + Python), Vim, Git, Python, Official Bash, Linux Tux, Debian, Arch Linux, Linux Inside, GoLang.

@adamprocter Damn, thanks for info! I'm slowly taking all mu stuff away from the big G and using alternatives, so this is super handy.

Time to haste the Photos takeout and kick myself to organize the mess it downloads..

@arran there you go:

You might be OK with using +aliases instead, they work there same as on Gmail (e.g. arran+shopping@mailbox.org)

@epical yes, that's a known issue. Other than that, nothing from Google :)

My current & security focused provider Mailbox.org now offers 6€ voucher for new accounts (until 10 January '21):

Might not seem like much, but it covers 6 months of the basic tier plan ;)

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