Hey fediverse, any recommendations for a good "read it later" app?

Ideally open source & multiplatform (a must is a web/Linux & Android access).

@allien Tbh, I looked for a long time, and I just use browser bookmarks. I know you're not supposed to sign in to your browser. It's just so convenient.

@allien I use a home-grown solution which essentially receives emails, sorts them into categories, and builds a web page out of that. I use that as my start page in all browsers, phone or desktop, for instant availability.

It's just a bit of shell scripting and a css file. Haven't published it yet but can do so if there's interest. It'll only really work if your mail server has procmail capability though.

@allien I'm using wallabag, you can self host or get it on for example. Save from browser, later read it on tablet.

@efftoyz @allien I use zotero. Wallabag was bad a pdfs when I tried it last.

@jamesvasile @allien oh, in case of PDFs and epubs I would just use syncthing folder.

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