A public announcement to all of Fosstodon:
You guys are awesome. I tried 3 Mastodon instances already and this one is the only one, where I actually prefer to browse Local feed instead of my personal Home.

Kudos @kev @mike @cooper @joseph @codesections @lee8oi @ohyran @Gina for managing this!
I love my daily dose of loosely FOSS-themed bait :)

@allien @kev @mike @joseph @codesections @lee8oi @ohyran @Gina Glad you like it. We do our best to keep it that way but, honestly, it's made possible by all the awesome people in the community. 😀

@cooper Of course! But fair to say you guys do some extra work at keeping this happy place clean ;)

@allien 💪 Thanks! 😀

Btw, those are @Gina 's muscles, not mine. 😋

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