seahub failed to start on Fedora 33. daemon=False to reveal server log helped greatly in troubleshooting: The issue was pip3 install per CentOS 8 on solved the issue!

Upgraded Fedora to 32. Seafile seahub server failed to start. The reason should be Python version bump. Installed seafile server's python3 dependencies (dnf and pip3), and back to normal.

PULSE: Self-Supervised Photo Upsampling via Latent Space Exploration of Generative Models

on Mac: Shift+Delete to delete the highlighted entry in a pop down list in a form in Firefox.

EnableMultipleStreamsException when doing `sudo dnf system-upgrade download` from f30? `dnf module reset '*'` is the answer.

Weird that HomeBrew's default python is still python3.7 while ipython and vim are depending on python3.8, which breaks powerline. To fix, prepend 3.8 paths to PATH and PYTHONPATHS, and use 3.8's pip3 to install powerline-status.

Gmail filter: older_than:1y for stuff older than 1 year

There's a `autoexpect` command to autogen expect script to automate interactive cli sessions:

Disable single hand mode (swipe down) on iPhone XS: Settings -> Accessibility -> Reachability: off.

How to exclude self-citations from citation numbers in Google Scholar:

(Note NO space between `author:` and quoted name)

In bash or zsh, `[[ -v foo ]]` tests whether $foo is set. $foo can be set via e.g. `foo=2`, `foo=bar`, or `foo=` (empty string). `export foo` does not set a variable. Instead, it makes $foo available to all subprocesses.

😂 the citation count on Google Scholar can decrease 😂 Somehow I have to use mission control to move iterm windows from one monitor/screen/display to another.

maximize MacVim both horizontally and vertically: `defaults write org.vim.MacVim MMZoomBoth 1` ref:

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