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I feel like this error is applicable to some of the applications I use regularly.

"xkcd: Unreachable State"

昨日開催されたOpen Source Summit Japanの様子だよ!登壇しているのは当社エンジニアのAliceさん!!☆ζ(。☌ᴗ☌。)ζ

@aliceferrazzi @BlueSkyDetector Debianだとbuilddをどこまで信頼するかでしょうか。。。

The cypherpunk aim of cryptocurrencies was to evade monitoring, increase privacy and avoid state oversight. Now the digital state of Facebook will control and monitor transactions

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"that all data we collect is “personal data,”

And as the company is based in the EU and is a processor of BritBox (based in New York) & processes data IN the EU, then hey, US folks the GDPR applies to YOUR Data. So, the rights under the GDPR will apply to you.

A bill in Canada could help make it possible for you to fix your own devices. It “could actually pass right to repair for the world, because manufacturers aren't going to provide products differently to people in one jurisdiction,” says @kwiens of @iFixit

but i have still problem adding fosstodon users (String data, right truncated: 1406 Data too long for column 'url' at row 1)

nextcloud social is really nice but still need the api for interact with bitlbee/android

.@apetresc_ thanks I will give it try :D

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