Should I abandon in favor of running my own server, or is there another option entirely I'm not considering?

@alexv There are Codeberg and sourcehut if you don't want to install your own instance. They seems pretty ethical.

@alexv You could use if you don't want to host Gitea yourself.

@alexv I was also going to mention #codeberg. My son and I are using a local gitea server for our personal use, not published on the internet. We really like it.

@alexv I'd selfhost my own Gitea instance.

Or you may prefer Sourcehut or Codeberg. If you decide to use Codeberg, since they're a non profit supporting Free software, it's a good idea to pay a small amount for their services, if you can afford it.

@werwolf I think I'll go with my own Gitea instance so I can customize it and make it look ~pretty~

@alexv You may use public gitlab instances, there are some (and I would mirror between at least two).

That said, I love gitea.

@alexv long ago I switched to , both because it had integrated ci, and I had the freedom to setup and run my own gitlab if something bad ever happened to them.

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