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for those of you who do not use spotify or something similar because of various especially privacy concerns, what do you use to discover new music and access them easily? newpipe is good, but is enough?

Does any knows if it's possible to add hCaptcha to instances on masto.host? I don't want people to have to ask to be invited, so if not I'll just host my own Pleroma server.

Anyway so that's the trick to get good at programming

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This is the ascension of Enki, aut maior - dea mater -> Demeter (later degenerating into Cybele, the engorged whore feasting on the overripe juice of a decadent civilization) & deus pater -> Iupiter.

The cyclical myth of all indo-european civilizations, ruled by the demon Asura, as laid out in the Rig Veda and played out in every Age as a new aryan empire rises & falls instantiating a new cycle of the mythos (Cybele -> egirl, Loki -> Trump, whatever)

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I think to be a great dev, you have to dive into the soy ocean, deep deep deep until at the bottom you find the Milk Mommy. Suckle of her teet and you'll taste something *like* soy, but...different?

Sweeter, it drifts you into an opium like slumber. She holds you in her arms and takes you to the sky to meet God Dad.

Should I abandon in favor of running my own server, or is there another option entirely I'm not considering?

Fesse montem ascendo, fessusque reveno. Sed ita reveno!



asking for a friend (it's me I'm my own friend don't judge)

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Getting a like from someone on a non-local instance is so exciting. Like meeting a traveller from a distant land you didn't even know existed before

So many mastodon users have this really weird tweet pinned when you go to their Twitter:

I wonder what people will make up after they get bored of democracy

What I think German looks like: Ein vur Sprachen kieser um vondercottel. ßechäansprauer eind vuelnscht Deutchen lanzig.

I'm very curious what that looks like to an actual speaker!

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the desert is not a place you go, it is something you carry around with you

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This email passes DKIM and doesn't *look* like a phish, but...

Imagine a free, open source, high quality CAPTCHA system that loaded images etc on the server side so users without JavaScript can use it.

I want this so bad


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